S-band Ground Station

The Satlab S-band Ground Station is a fully autonomous ground station capable of tracking and communicating with LEO satellites equipped with S-band transceivers within the commercial S-band range.

The setup is designed for satellites in the 400-700 km altitude with common antennas. The system is highly customizable, and can easily be adapted to different mission needs.


Key Parameters

Frequency range TX2025 - 2110 MHz
Frequency range RX2200 - 2290 MHz
Modulation and bitratesGMSK, 32 - 512 kbps
Receiver G/T9 dB/K
Transmit EIRP36 dBW
FeedPrime focus, fixed polarization (RHCP or LHCP)
Built-in cavity filter and LNA
Pointing error< 1°
Roof mount2.4m dish, antenna rotor and tower with non-penetrating roof mount
19" rack parts1U Satellite modem
1U Rotator Controller
2U Power Amplifier
1U Server
Data interfaceEthernet
Input Voltage100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Roof Area Occupation3 m x 3 m
Mass150 kg

Additional resources


Custom hardware and software requests can often be accommodated. Please see the R&D section

Standard lead time: 20 weeks
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