Satlab specialize in advanced radio systems for highly embedded applications. Our main focus area is on customer-tailored SDR based payloads for nano- and micro satellites as well as TT&C systems for S-band and beyond.

Latest News

Polaris 4-channel AIS Receiver Released

We have released an updated datasheet and CAD models for the Polaris 4-channel AIS Receiver, and are now ready to deliver the product with our standard 8 weeks lead time. Polaris is Satlab’s second-generation Satellite-AIS receiver, based on the in-orbit experience gained from the QubeAIS receiver since 2013.
Posted on 2017-11-28

Small Satellite Conference 2017

We’ll be at the 2017 Small Satellite Conference in Utah on August 5-10, 2017. Please contact us on [email protected] if you want to arrange a meeting.
Posted on 2017-07-05

CubeSat Industry Days 2017

Satlab is participating in the CubeSat Industry Days 2017 on 13-15 June 2017 at ESA/ESTEC. Please contact us on [email protected] if you want to arrange a meeting.
Posted on 2017-06-07

New Website

We have updated the website with more information on existing and upcoming products. Have a look around, and let us know if any information is missing.
Posted on 2017-06-06

QubeAIS to fly on next Danish satellite

The flight proven QubeAIS AIS receiver has been selected as one of the primary payloads on the Danish MoD satellite “Ulloriaq”, which is set for launch in 2018.
Posted on 2017-02-01